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Written by Mark Healy

Mark Healy is the Graduate Coach and has 20+ years work experience in Australia’s mining and resource sector, including the construction of gas pipelines, power stations, alumina refinery plants, and rail plants & equipment.

September 17, 2021

Tips to secure work


For any discipline of engineering here are some ideas that apply across the board for most international students, and not just engineering

Look at the size of the business if they have 1000’s employees just avoid them for now, these are the Tier 1 and 2 companies or more well known to the general public for example

Here are a few reasons

They will usually have Graduate programs
Usually, they require PR as a minimum and usually
Most people who get into Graduate programs have done internships either in this company or a similar type of company

So get clever and work smarter

Next tip, breakdown companies into
1. Clients,
2. Consultants,
3. Contractors and
4. Services

Know the difference, once again each type of company has different requirements of their staff

Use the law of elimination, if you are applying to 100’s and 100’s of roles

So apart from the TIPS above do this as well

1. Make sure the role is not duplicated by multiple recruiters, they are more than likely not recruiting for Graduates but you should be ok, but just check you are not applying for the same role with multiple recruitment companies this does not look good for you
2. Do not aim for consultants with absolutely NO work experience of any kind, internships etc
3. Aim for site-based work or practical work of any kind at first with no experience

Basically, you can eliminate lots of applications that is yielding you no results whatsoever, by understanding what you are doing and really focus only on what works for you, because Everyone is different

Maybe you simply are not aware, maybe you have nearly identified this issue, maybe you are just starting out on your job hunting journey, but if are fussier and focused you will do better

All the best Mark Healy the Graduate Coach

If you need help, getting started just set up a time to call and we discuss your requirements

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