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Written by Mark Healy

Mark Healy is the Graduate Coach and has 20+ years work experience in Australia’s mining and resource sector, including the construction of gas pipelines, power stations, alumina refinery plants, and rail plants & equipment.

September 16, 2021

I was recently talking to a 3rd Year Mechanical engineer from RMIT this morning at my coffee shop, he asked me what I do and we started talking about that and it morphed into work experience and his lack of experience

He was completing a Mechatronics course however he had not secured any work experience and he simply had no idea of the sector, so I asked him to consider the future 20 years from now because you need to look seriously at this issue

So I provided him with some insight into growing sectors and what to consider, like many engineers they default to words like renewables and sustainable energy issues but the key is to put them in context

For example:-

Where do mechanical engineers work in Renewable energy? Look at HVAC, what happens in this space? What are they doing here?

What you do in this sector is the key, once you know this you can make decisions on whether it’s for you or not!

NOTE: Take the time to think this through its not a 5-minute exercise

If you work in traditional sectors of Oil and Gas for example it would make sense you would be focusing on Hydrogen projects as this is similar to your background in pressure vessels and piping etc. so most people will move this way as the market swings into projects that hire people, but in other growth sectors you must develop skills now that are securing your future

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All the best Mark Healy the Graduate Coach

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