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March 18, 2024

I was directly managed by Mark, who is an expert in his field. He was with me every step of the way and guided me throughout. He is highly recommended as he is an extremely professional and humble human being.
Syed Abbas
Graduate Civil Engineer/ Land Development Projects/ Roads and Utilities M: 0416366757
February 29, 2024

Connecting with Mark and joining the GAP program was one of my best decisions ever. Mark knew a lot about engineering in Australia, always encouraged me, and helped me to stay focused. Mark helped me to develop confidence and advise me which eventually landed a job in short period. I would highly recommend him as a great coach and mentor. I trust he will keep making difference to many international graduate like me.
Sojita KC Karki
Structural Engineer | Asset Inspection Officer
March 1, 2024

I am writing to highly recommend Graduate Coach Mark for his exceptional guidance and support in helping me navigate the process of finding a graduate mechanical engineer job. Mark's expertise and dedication were instrumental in shaping my career path and securing opportunities aligned with my aspirations.

Throughout our sessions, Mark demonstrated a profound understanding of the mechanical engineering industry, offering invaluable insights and tailored advice. His ability to pinpoint my strengths and areas for improvement enabled me to refine my resume, enhance my interview skills, and effectively showcase my qualifications to potential employers.
Santosh Pandey
Graduate Mechanical Engineer | Mining | M:0434965325 |
Testimonial Profile Picture

April 7, 2024

It has been one of the utmost pleasures to work with Mark Healy. I just don't have enough words to show my appreciation for Mark and his knowledge of the engineering job market in Australia.

Mark not only helped me in securing an excellent position in engineering that I had long been waiting for, but he also created a career path for me and outlined the steps required to get there. Mark’s focus was not only on helping me secure a position in engineering but also on removing me from the ‘rat race’ and helping me realize what I truly want in life.

I cannot emphasize enough to all those graduates, particularly international students who have been desperately looking for an engineering position, to enroll in Mark’s GAP program. By doing so, you can secure a good position in engineering, provided that you perform all the activities that Mark advises.

Indeed, Mark has in-depth knowledge about engineering opportunities in Australia. Prior to meeting Mark, I was unaware that there could be so many engineering positions available or, in fact, that they could be created for engineers. However, overwhelmingly, graduates and, in fact, experienced engineers are not aware of these opportunities in engineering in Australia.

Mark is an earnest person; his priority is always the well-being of his students and people. Mark’s encouragement, motivation, and words of wisdom reenergized me and, finally, enabled me to reclaim my dreams and career in engineering.

All I can say is that a part of me will always remain grateful to Mark all my life.

Hassan A.
Geotechnical Engineer

February 21, 2024

I had the privilege of working closely with Mark during my job search process, and I can confidently say that his support was invaluable in helping me secure my current position as an external sales engineer at John Valves. Mark went above and beyond to assist me at every step of the way, demonstrating an impressive level of dedication and professionalism.

From providing insightful advice on resume and LinkedIn optimisation to helping me refine my interpersonal skills, Mark consistently offered constructive feedback and guidance that significantly boosted my confidence throughout the job search process. His deep understanding of the industry and keen insight into the hiring process were evident in every interaction we had. Mark was always approachable, responsive, and willing to lend a helping hand whenever I needed assistance or clarification. His positive attitude and encouragement were instrumental in keeping me motivated during what can often be a challenging and stressful time.

Thanks to Mark's support and mentorship, I not only secured a job that aligns perfectly with my skills and career goals but also gained valuable insights that will undoubtedly benefit me in my professional journey moving forward. I am immensely grateful for Mark's guidance and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance with their job search.

It was truly a pleasure working with Mark, and I have no doubt that his dedication and expertise will continue to make a positive impact on those he mentors and supports in the future.

Faisal Abrar D
Dynamic Technical Sales Engineer | Expert in Solutions-Oriented Engineering Sales | Passionate about Technology Integration & Client Success 🚀 | Skilled in External Sales & Engineering Collaboration

February 20, 2024

I recommend working with Mark.
I found my first job in the industry with Mark's strategy and coaching.

Lama Thebian
Geotechnical Engineer

December 18, 2023

I had the privilege of working with Mark Healy during a challenging period in my job search journey, and I can confidently say that he played a pivotal role in helping me secure my first professional job. Prior to connecting with Mark, I was facing difficulties navigating the Australian job market and breaking into my desired industry.

I discovered Mark through LinkedIn and decided to enroll in his GAP program. From the very beginning, I was impressed by his in-depth knowledge of the Australian job market. Mark's insights into the industry were invaluable, and he provided me with practical tips and tricks that significantly enhanced my job search strategy.

One aspect that stood out was the comprehensive database Mark has curated, which proved to be a valuable resource in identifying opportunities and understanding the dynamics of the job market. His program not only equipped me with the necessary tools but also instilled confidence in my approach.

I am delighted to share that with Mark's guidance and support, I successfully secured my first professional job. His commitment to his clients' success is evident, and I am grateful for the expertise and encouragement he provided throughout the process.

I highly recommend Mark Healy to anyone navigating the complexities of the Australian job market. His professionalism, knowledge, and dedication make him an outstanding graduate coach, and I am truly thankful for the positive impact he had on my career journey.

Bimal Awasthi
Grad Mechanical Engineer (2 yrs exp), SolidWorks Design/ Automotive Parts Design/ FMCG Design/ Mech JIGS/ M: 0406545252

December 7, 2023

I was passing through a tough time when I approached Mark for guidance. Honestly I am happy I approached him for the program. With each session my understanding of career became clear and I think I am on the right path now through his mentoring. He is easy to talk to and I think it was all worth it.

Jaimin Patel
Mechanical Engineer | Product Specialist | Pumps & Power | Application Engineering

November 27, 2023

I’ve been working alongside Mark through his graduate program to achieve my career goals since late august 2023. We initially started out addressing the main issues I had early on which was my lack of belief in being able to secure long time ME employment, and then later looking at what career path in engineering is most suitable for me and the steps I need to do to get there. With each session I have had with him to date, I have seen a small amount of growth. It has really changed the way on how I see myself. I really could start to see employment before it came.

In short Mark has given me the word “coach” a new meaning. He has also equally acted as a valuable life coach.

Today I have secured full time employment as an Acoustical Engineer which will commence on the 15th Jan, 2024.

Thank you Mark for putting so much energy into helping me land this role.

Theodore Knezevich
Graduate Mechanical Engineer

November 20, 2023

I had the utmost pleasure of working with Mark and can not recommend him enough. His insightful guidance and strategic approach had a profound impact on my career, he is a great coach and true mentor who believes in me during my very low time. Thanks to Mark for his support and trust on me, I successfully embarked my professional journey after many attempts and with years of education gap. I am deeply great full for his expertise and highly endorse him to anyone seeking professional growth and development.

Binita Limbu
Accounting graduate eager to launch a career in Accounting, Auditing and Finance.
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August 31,2023

I was lucky to have Mark as my mentor while I was figuring out how to work in the Australian engineering field. He was always there to help me and give me the right direction. He's really good at helping immigrants like me who might struggle with online job applications and biases from HR. Mark's advice helped me understand what I needed to do and work hard to succeed. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who needs a mentor to succeed in their career journey.

Sanjay Shrestha Dumaru
Graduate Mechanical Engineer | GradIEAust
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August 29, 2023

Highly recommend Mark and graduate program for anyone( international graduate/job seeking in relevant field). Had privilege getting knowledge from the highly experienced mentor in local market. I have been working with Mark for a year( had a long gap in my engineering career when I approach him)where he helped me to achieve my goals. His ways of dealing/approaching to managers definitely helped out for networking and chance of finding jobs quicker than the other way. He always pushed for our benefits where we get slow or feel low. He is always happy to help anytime during interviews,resume preparation or any questions confused. Thank you Mark for helping out lot of graduates to achieve their goals.

Dinesh Khatri
Civil Site Engineer Civil Projects. Project controls/ scheduling M: 0450 112 885
Testimonial Profile Picture

October 27, 2023

I am immensely grateful to Mark healy for his invaluable guidance and support. As a graduate coach, he helped me navigate the complexities of the job market, steering me towards a fulfilling career path in engineering. With his mentorship, I gained clarity and confidence, eventually securing my dream job. I highly recommend Mark for his expertise and unwavering commitment to helping aspiring professionals find their way in the industry.

Sravan H.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer

November 18, 2023

I am writing this recommendation to express my gratitude and appreciation for the excellent service that my career coach, Mark,has provided me. Mark is a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly coach who has helped me to find the job that suits my skills and interests.

Mark has been with me every step of the way, from helping me to create a resume and cover letter that highlight my strengths, to preparing me for interviews and negotiating offers. He has always been supportive, encouraging, and honest with me, and has given me valuable feedback and advice. He has also been flexible and responsive, and has always made time for me whenever I needed his assistance.

Thanks to Mark, I have been able to land a job that I am passionate about and that offers me great opportunities for growth and development. I am very happy and satisfied with the outcome of our collaboration, and I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for a career coach who can help them achieve their goals. Mark is not only a coach, but also a mentor and a friend, and I am very grateful for his service.

Sagar Neupane
Graduate Mechanical Engineer CAD Experience | Product Design | M 0404 752 201
Testimonial Profile Picture

August 30, 2023

Joining the GAP programme with Mark was a game-changer. His deep knowledge of Australia's engineering industries, unwavering support, and motivational guidance were instrumental in my journey. He was always available when I needed a boost, and his follow-ups kept me on track. Mark's practical insights streamlined my job search process, making it highly effective. His positivity and expertise make him a top coach, especially for international graduates. Highly recommended!

Rabi Ghimire
Civil Engineer

July 14,2023

It’s been more than 2 years since I joined Mark. He is one of the best and genuine career couch in the market.

After my graduation I was just working part time in a fuel station. When I absolutely had no hope of finding a professional job in Australia, I joined Mark and followed his guidance and methods.

Within few months I found my first job as a draftsperson. Unfortunately after working for 15 months the company went into bankruptcy. Hence I lost my job.

Without any hesitation, I reached out to Mark. Even after all these years he remembered me and guided me based on the work I’ve done before.

I just followed his advice again and fortunately found another job as a draftsperson with a major salary hike.

He is a very good person. The knowledge that he shares is worth every penny.

In highly recommend him.

Jordan Reddy
Mechanical Draftsperson at Mining Wear Parts (Mineral Resources Limited)

June 14, 2023

Joining the GAP program with Mark was a great decision for me. The one-to-one sessions with him were productive and motivating. I sincerely appreciate his support and guidance throughout the process. What I liked most about the program was Mark's understanding of the psychology of graduates and how they tend to think. He knew exactly what to say in each session, and his words made perfect sense. His follow-up techniques and timing were spot-on, and he helped me develop the right attitude towards job searching before we delved into finding specific opportunities. Overall, I had a great experience with Mark.

Bishwa Bhandari
Graduate Civil Engineer

February 20, 2023

It was a pleasure to work with Mark. The GAP program is really well and Mark as a career coach is really excellent. Mark motivates you and guides you with all job applications.I would like to recommend Mark and his GAP program to fresh graduates who are seeking for work. Thank you Mark for tour guidance, it really helped me a lot in securing work.

Tejas Anwekar
Civil Graduate Engineer Land Development Projects| Infrastructure Projects

April 10, 2023

Really helpful. Was looking for a job for about a year when I heard about mark. He helped me find the sector, locations and companies to secure an interview to get the job. Always motivated me no matter what. His tips and tricks to secure the interview and the job were great. Would recommend if you’re just starting your career and see applying jobs online aren’t working for you (they rarely do).

Ayush Prasad
Graduate Automation Engineer |PLV-Scada Exp

May 15, 2023

I am writing to enthusiastically recommend Mark Healy for his outstanding contributions as a graduate coach. Witness to his coaching abilities, I have been consistently impressed by Mark’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the success and growth of his graduate students.

Mark possesses an exceptional ability to connect with his students on a personal and professional level. He creates a supportive and nurturing environment where open communication and trust flourish. Mark takes the time to understand the unique needs, strengths, and aspirations of each graduate student he works with, ensuring a tailored coaching approach that empowers them to reach their full potential.

His deep knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, combined with his extensive experience in academia, make Mark an invaluable resource for his students.

He serves as a role model for his students, embodying the qualities of professionalism, integrity, and perseverance. Through his own actions and achievements, he instills in his students a sense of confidence and self-belief, encouraging them to overcome obstacles and embrace opportunities for growth.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Mark Healy as a graduate coach. His unwavering dedication, expertise, and compassionate approach to mentoring have undoubtedly made a significant difference in the lives and careers of his students. I have no doubt that he will continue to excel in any coaching role or program he undertakes.

Saad Hassan
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineer

May 18, 2023

Worked under his guidance and his methods are very pragmatic and result yielding. Would recommend to new and experienced engineers who are looking to settle in Australia.

Talal Khan
Graduate Mechanical Engineer Mining
Charan Seelam

January 12, 2023

Hi All, I consulted Mark in 2019 October to learn and develop my skills for attaining my carrier goal as Mechanical Design Engineer. Mark’s way of finding a job is effective and efficient in terms of technical skill improvement and job finding strategies which helped me to find my dream job within 3 months. He was a friendly mentor and best at his job. The skills from GAP have increased my confidence and also helps me for my future career growth. I appreciate your work on sharing knowledge to graduates like me to land in their goals. That’s how I have successfully completed 1 year at Barker Trailers as a Graduate Design Engineer. Thanks Mark 😊

Charan Seelam
Graduate Mechanical Engineer | FEA | Draftsperson | CAD Modelling
Romil U

December 5, 2022

I work with Mark to develop my communication and technical skills needed to excel in this competitive environment. Mark, was renentless and always on the line to help me achieve my goals. He motivates me to do things which I am not 100% or things I am scared to do, until I got desired results. I will always recommend him and will always learn more from him in future as well.

Romil U.
Mechanical Engineer | GradIEAust

November 30, 2022

Working with Mark was a pleasure. He had experience of job industries which I didn’t even knew about. And the GAP program gives you an opportunity to improve your skills. Also he motivated me to at all times.
Would really recommend Mark and the GAP program.

Parag Hirna
Graduate Signaling/Telecommunication Engineer

November 24, 2022

Mark has been really helpful throughout my journey of career progression. With enormous experience, he knows the industry well and the mindset of graduates, their behaviour, personality, understands them and brings out the most out of the graduates.

He has been my friend and a mentor, guiding me and constantly taking updates, so as not to loose my focus and to keep track of my goal. Thanks for all the motivation and cheer up along the way and also making it a fun experience.

I highly agree that, we do need a mentor in our life to push us a little, while we are stuck in the way, to reach where we wanna be and where we deserve to be and who believes in you more than you.
So, i highly recommend graduates to join the GAP program, if you are stuck in your career journey and looking for a career progression. Mark would be your friend.
Cheers !

Pasee Sherpa
Graduate Civil Engineer | Land development Projects | Infrastructure Projects | Quantity Surveyor

September 29, 2022

Mark is a wonderful mentor who has taught me to be persistent and never give up hope. Joining the GAP program was the best decision I’ve ever made which helped me gain more confidence and clarity.

I will be forever grateful to Mark for his support and guidance.

To all those struggling to find a job and have low confidence level to reach out to people, I strongly recommend the GAP program. I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed.

Pranisha Lamichhane
Civil/Structural Engineer ||Structural Engineering | Infrastructure Projects | Estimating

September 27, 2022

Mark is a qualified career coach with a knowledge of how the industry works in Australia. He boosted my confidence and motivated me to make traction daily. He showed ways to communicate clearly either in interviews or while networking. Every session was insightful and a little bit of good-humoured. Hopefully, I gained a mentor for a lifetime 😊
I am very much satisfied with what Mark had offered in the GAP program and would definitely recommend graduates to join the program without any hesitation!⭐ – Dipchana

Dipchana Maharjan
MSc (prof.) Environmental Earth Science

September 18, 2022

Mark is an excellent mentor who gives you proper guidance from selecting proper field, which would suit your ability to comprehend , to giving you confidence and belief that you can do it. Moreover, the best thing about Mark is that he is available everyday, and he will prompt you to work hard. In the end, hard work is key to success, and Mark can help you channeling that in right direction.

Taha Sajid
Graduate Mechanical Engineer

Sept 14, 2022

I strongly recommended the Mark GAP programme to fresh graduates having problems getting employment.He helped me from finding a job till interview. When seeking a mentor who can assist you in landing a job, even if you are a recent graduate, Mark helped me in getting my first job and is unquestionably the finest choice. I advise contacting him if you require any help.

Arslan Azam
Civil Engineer

Sept 03, 2022

I heartily recommend Mark to local/international graduates, as well as to anyone with foreign work experience looking for a job in the desired industry. Mark is the go-to person, for all their employment-related issues.

Vinesh Patel
Onboard Engineer
Gary Sundar

August 22, 2022

I am Gokul Sundar, had the privilege of having been coached by Mr. Mark Healy for 8 Months. I first met Mark on 22nd December 2021, from then he helped in the preparation of emails and phone calls, and as a result he continuously engaged with me to present myself in a professional manner. Most importantly, he has urged me to not to give up anytime, and persistently attempt to engage with potential employers, which has helped me become successful. I am entirely grateful for the patronage and support rendered by Mark, due to which I have got a foot on the door in Australian Workplace. Thank you so much, Mark

Gary(Gokul) Sundar
Chemical & Quality Assurance Engineer at Vacupack

August 18, 2022

Joining GAP was one of the best decisions I ever made. I came to Mark because I was perplexed and unable to understand why I was not receiving responses to my job applications. Mark guided me and taught me all of the steps necessary to get a job. I’ll always be appreciative of his support and direction.

Mark is an exceptionally skilled graduate coach with a profound knowledge of Australian businesses and the job market. He is an inspiring, disciplined, and laser-focused mentor. He mentors me through each step, including choosing a niche, networking, creating a resume, giving interviews, and most importantly, determining my strengths and overcoming my weaknesses. There were times when the results were not favourable, but he never let me lose faith and was always there for me to keep me on the right path

I heartily recommend Mark to local/international graduates, as well as to anyone with foreign work experience looking for a job in the desired industry. Mark is the go-to person, for all their employment-related issues.

Muhammad Azeem
Mechanical Design

August 16,2022

Mark has a brilliant mind with a wealth of experience in helping graduates secure job opportunities. In todays’ digital age, networking has become increasingly important. Mark assisted me to navigate the many application rejections straight into one on one meetings with managers and securing a permanent job in IT.

Marlon Maloba
Business intelligence Analyst at Save the Children Australia

August 16,2022

Joined the Graduate Coach program around October 2020 when I had graduated and looking to start my career in the engineering field. The sessions with Mark were very insightful. Mark is knowledgeable on the hiring practices in Australia which is extremely valuable when helping graduates. Mark was able to tailor an approach on how to get into the industry and how to approach the relevant companies. Mark took time to do role plays for interviews and provided advice on what to say when reaching out to companies and what to expect in the work place. Furthermore as it was during the pandemic, Mark was always encouraging and reminded me to always stay positive as I put in the work. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone looking for a career coach as you will not be disappointed.

Sharon M.
Sustainable Transport| Circular Economy | Energy Efficiency

August 8,2022

It was challenging to enter the Australian local sector after completing my master’s degree and having some prior international experience. I started Graduate Program with Mark and he provided me with a skill set on how to narrow my field of interest and how to be smart when it comes to applying for jobs, he also helps me put things into perspective in regards to my career. Through his coaching, it became obvious to me how to target the companies I want to work for. I was able to secure my first employment because of his ongoing help, mentoring, and direction.
I strongly recommend to other graduates that it’s never too late to ask for guidance, and Mark can help you develop your career and make the proper decisions. What you learn from Mark will undoubtedly be helpful in the future.

Abdul Basit
Graduate Civil Engineer | Infrastructure Projects | Quantity Surveyor

August 2,2022

Joining Mark was one of my best decision. Once graduate everyone of us are in a phase of confusion, sometimes also not sure what we actually want to do.
Mark helped me selecting companies and the roles that were actually sometime i would enjoy doing. Also, he gave me many many mock interview session as this is one of the most important aspect to secure any job. He also helped me built Networking over phone calls and sites.

His interview practise session really helped me to secure a Job in Midcoast council as a Graduate Engineer.

Thanks Mark, you have been a great help to kick start my career!!

Kasmita Pokharel
Student at Western Sydney University
Deepa Rijal

July 18,2022

Joining with you was one of the best decisions of my career. Without you it would be impossible for me to get this success. You are a wonderful leader, teacher and a friend. You are everything one could look for in a good mentor. The way you groomed me to be sound professionals, the way you guide me to gain my confidence means a lot to me. Thank you for providing me this opportunity to gain this memorable experience. I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness.
Thank you very much.

Deepa Rijal
Graduate Environmental Scientist

July 15,2022

For the graduates struggling to get their first dream job, Mark is a fantastic mentor. He has an in-depth understanding of the Australian job market and is aware of the challenges faced by international students. I quickly found my dream job after enrolling in the programme because of his motivations and guidelines. For graduates looking to land their dream career, I strongly recommend Mark’s coaching programme.

Umesh Khatri
Graduate Civil Engineer

June 23,2022

Mark was my mentor who helped me in kickstart my career. Mark has good knowledge of Australian market and helped me in understanding the market also Mark helps graduates feel confident and takes us through the areas which are required to secure the job. I recommend Mark especially for international students and graduates.

Sai Charan
Graduate Structural Engineer

June 10,2022

Mark was one of my mentors who helped me get my first big break. He did so by identifying what I was good at and helped me sharpen those aspects and guide me in the right direction towards securing a good role.

Gopi Krishnan G
Mechanical Engineer

May 30,2022

Mark is highly recommended especially for international students, Mark will guide you on how to create opportunities. he knows very well about Australian industry. He is highly experienced in different sectors and he is a great mentor.

Balakrishna Reddy
Mechanical Engineer Design Draftman

May 7, 2022

The first time I spoke with Mark, I was convinced that he is the one who can help me to start my career.
Mark is a very resourceful person who has a great knowledge about the australian market. He helped me understand the current market and motivated me to get my dream job.
I highly recommend graduates to join his program and shape their future.

Yogendra Bhomi
Graduate Civil Engineer

May 7, 2022

Mark can guide freshers who are looking to kickstart their career or individuals who have overseas work experience in getting their dream job. If you are one of those, I would strongly recommend connecting to him.

Sagar Bajwa
Graduate Transport Engineer At Trancore

April 28, 2022

Mark have really simple formula for getting through the job: Confidence and Being uncomfortable. And these qualities mentored by Mark helped me to achieve what I have today 🙂 He has been the life changer for me. I had a dream and Mark guided me to achieve it.

If you are struggling through getting job in Australian market, I highly recommend Mark for you. He is well experienced and knows how industries work. He understands international students very well and will shape you to get what you want.

Seema Shrestha
Environment Lover

April 11, 2022

I had the privilege of using Mark’s services to get into biomedical sector. Mark has a great knowledge of different engineering sectors and understands the recruitment process in Australian marketplace really well.

But more importantly Mark understands his students and knows how to connect with them and how to get the best out of them. He knows when to let you do your own thing and when to guide you back in the right direction.

I’m incredibly grateful for Mark’s help in helping me break into the biomedical sector and would highly recommend him for any international/local graduates struggling to secure professional engineering role.

Ahmed Ibrahim
Graduate Electronics Engineer

March 24, 2022

It was very informative and helpful being mentore by mark over the months I knew him. He was very resourceful and motivating which made to never give up. I am very glad I met mark which helped my career and I would definitely recommend graduates who are focused on a professional career to join the graduate program for a better path.

Joshi Prasanth
Construction Estimator

Mark is a very experienced professional who can mould and train you to be a strong professional with critical skills needed in any given industry. The method followed by Mark is very simple and precise. Results are guaranteed.

Mark will guide you on how to create opportunities and would redefine your perspective on what the Industries are actually seeking from young graduates.

I would definitely recommend to any individual who is seeking a growth in his/her career.

Surya Menon
Project Manager

It was an amazing experience to sign up with Mark as he is having extensive knowledge about the Australian Market. I knew my interests before starting with Mark but he helped me in specifying those interests and then we targeted industries accordingly. I was interested in Automation from my first day but I found myself lost after doing a lot of research, I discussed my concerns with Mark, and he guided me through. That was a progressive change that I observed with the time and I learned all those techniques and reached the stage where I was comfortable in communicating with different industries. I would highly refer anyone who is willing to get out of his comfort zone and is ready to do the work to contact him and discuss his/her concerns.

Talha Chaudary
Graduate Electrical Engineer

January 23, 2022

Mark is highly recommended especially for international students when it comes to finding their first job in the Australian market. Without a PR it is a nightmare when it comes to finding a proper engineering role and this is where the GAP program helped me. He is highly experienced in different sectors and he is a great mentor. It was a great pleasure working with Mark and I highly recommend him to all students wanting to kickstart their career in their desired field.

Pinu Matthews
Project Engineer at Eftech International

Mark is someone who has an in-depth understanding of the Australian Job market and his approach is unique and out of the box. He kept me motivated through the journey. His ability to deal with a problem and come up with new ways to achieve results were always an inspiration. I’m grateful that I had the chance to learn from Mark. I would highly recommend the GAP program for everyone who is looking for work.

Abhi Pillai
Project Engineer at Eftech International

Mark Healy came to my attention as a top-notch graduate coach. The time he invested to guide me on my first career opportunity has been life-changing! Mark brings many years of wisdom and instinct to this process. The brutal honesty he brings to the process is not always easy to deal with, but he is gifted at removing the blind spots that every professional develops as they attempt to understand themselves and their career paths. I highly recommend Mark as an individual who every career-minded individual should seek out at least once in their lifetime. He guided me on a perfect path, and I will always be grateful for his support during such a critical time in my life.

Ash (Ashish) Mishra
Graduate Electrical Engineer

Excellent mentor. He is there to guide you in every step of the way and makes sure to boost your confidence when you feel down. Thanks Mark for being a very patient, caring and knowledgeable coach!

Zina Taimur
Graduate Chemical Engineer

I highly recommended Mark and his GAP program to those graduates facing difficulty in their job search and lacking confidence. Mark is the best mentor, and he was a great help to me. So, for any help with exploring careers, I recommend contacting him.

Kalpana Dahal
Structural/Civil Engineer

November 20, 2021

It was a pleasure to work with Mark. Anyone who has a struggle about getting a job in the industry should seek help and the graduate coach training which is provided by Mark is a great way to do it. Because, It is not easy for graduate engineers to go out there and look for job, if you do not have the right motivation and also if you do not know how to approach to the companies including lifting the spirit in yourself. Mark has a broad knowledge in the industry and he is an expert in how to pave the path for graduate engineers. I was able to secure work position within less than 4 months after I started to work with him. Thank you Mark!

Caglar Tokat
Mechanical Engineer

November 10, 2021

The best thing ever happened to me is coming across Mark and his GAP program. Years and Years of frustration of not been able to land on the job that I have always desired. Mark as a career coach is excellent. Thank you for motivating and shaping me up. I would like to recommend Mark and his GAP program to fresh graduates and as well as to the other graduates who is looking for the job . Get the GAP program done and bridge the GAP between university and your dream job.

Sam Shrestha
Graduate Engineer

November 2021

I have finally got a job as Design Engineer and that’s all happened because of the GAP program. I highly recommend this program to graduates or people with overseas experience who are trying hard to find a job in their field. My Career Coach Mark Healy was the best! He supported me with my Job Applications and Interview Training. I hope more students get to work with him as he gives you so much confidence to get a job!

Hasan Iqbal
Design Engineer | Revit MEP | AutoCAD | Hydraulics | Distillation | ISO 9001 | Process Management | Organic Chemistry | Lean Six Sigmaigma

It was a pleasure to work with Mark. Anyone who is looking or struggling to find a job should really consider the advice and help from graduate coach training. Because It is not easy for graduate engineers and that to for international students to find jobs easily and due to which we lose the right motivation. Mark has knowledge in the industry and he is an expert in how to pave the path for graduate engineers. I was able to secure a work position within less than 4-6 weeks of joining the program. It was with all the time and efforts he has put in to help and he was the main one to push me on getting a job before Christmas. Thank you Mark for all the help, guidelines, and motivation you have given me and your constant support.

I would highly recommend as the right person to approach for getting a job quickly and in an effective manner.

Sai Pavan
Site Engineer at MAAS Group Holding

November 2021

Mark understands the job market well. For a graduate mark will be of great help in landing into job.

Bishal Acharya
Graduate Electrical Engineer

November 3, 2021

I personally recommend Mark for most of the graduates. I intend to learn lot about the different industries & work cultures and especially following the tips accordingly will make you secure a desired role in any organisation. So, Graduates who are struggling to find the work definitely need to join this program.

Sudheer (SID) S
Graduate Mechanical Engineer Engineer/Trucks/chassis/ Designs and Construction

October 27, 2021

Mark’s someone who knows what he’s doing. Initially one might feel lost with his unconventional approach to things but that happens to be the ground reality. He sets you up in the right manner to approach your goals and to fit yourself into the right industry. You’ve got to trust his experience dealing with graduates and the industry, even if you tend to mentally disagree with his approach. He’s definitely open to hear your views as well and work out the right balance.

Shriram Karthikeyan
Experienced Mechanical engineer | Manufacturing | Design and Fabrication | Lean engineering | Industrial | Supply chain | Final assembly

October, 2021

Mark have been a great mentor in my career journey. His advise and course has helped me a lot to build inner confidence and get a job. I wish him a great progress in this field and you are a life changing factor in people life.

Amshu (Annie) Bhattarai
Graduate Civil Engineer

October 18, 2021

Mark is the mentor that you want to start your career. The guidance and constant motivation he provides helps you get the right job. He knows the job market very well. He taught me the skills and key points that I needed to get the job. I would highly recommend him for some who wants a breakthrough in the industry.

Gaurav Poddar
Gradute Civil Engineer at SD Group Au

October 5, 2021

I would definitely recommend Mark’s services to secure a job. His approach towards the market is out of the box. The GAP program helped me to take an alternate route that 95% of graduates don’t take.

Muhammad Sohaib Moin
Mechanical Engineer - Monash University Australia

September 29, 2021

Mark is a great mentor. He knows the Australian job market well and can teach you how to get one. His mentorship can be beneficial for international graduates struggling to find an internship/work via job portals. I am forever grateful for his support and guidance.

Asmita Pathak
Graduate Civil/ Structural Engineer

September 14, 2021

Mark is a great mentor who has a deep knowledge and understanding of the Australian job market. He taught me to necessary skills and key points to get a job in the construction field. Whenever I was low, he motivated me and pushed me to get my desired job. Even after you get a job he tries to help you. If you are a recently graduating international student and struggling to find a job, I would 100 per cent recommend Mark Healy.

Kenil Jasani
Graduate Civil Engineer at Complex Co.

September 11, 2021

I highly recommend Mark Healy the graduate couch. I Am an international student and I had no idea how to get a professional job in Australia.

Mark and I had a few sessions for 8 months during which he guided and directed me in the right direction. I simply followed his instructions and methods and landed up a mechanical job in Brisbane.

Getting a job in Australia as an international student is not impossible as I thought. With a little determination and focus, Mark can really help us. Gratitude Mark Healy.

Jordon Reddy
Grad Mechanical engineer / FMCG/ Autocad/ Plant Layouts.

July 28, 2021

Mark is optimistic, positive and extremely professional, his approach is very practical. I was lucky to had Mark as my coach and mentor. I would highly recommend him for anyone struggling to find the job.

Manish Sharma
Electrical and Control System Engineer at Pyrocal Pty Ltd

September 5, 2021

Mark always helped me to remain focused and constantly put in the effort in my job search be it emailing people, talking to them over the phone, setting goals and targets, prioritising activities, planning and acting on to them one at a time. The program was very helpful to me in achieving my goal.

Over the past few months,I was able to build a good network, talk to people in different companies and most importantly I learned to be centred. If I was doing the right thing, things will fall in place. It was important for me to give in time to achieve my goal and so, I prioritised my activities, gave in quality time for job search to maximise my chance to land on a job.

Also, at times things didn’t go as I expected and at those times, I was always encouraged to be positive and keep believing in myself. That I would be able to get what I want provided I put in the effort every day even though I may have few setbacks.

Personally, the program helped me a lot and I recommend the program to those who are actively looking for job.

Rajesh Subba
Mechanical Engineer, Logsys Power Services Pty Ltd

June 26, 2021

If you are an international student and struggling to find your first job I would recommend Mark.

Vamshi (Vinnie) Krishna
Structural Engineer, Intrax Consulting Group

June 22, 2021

Mark has been a great mentor to me. He taught me all about the job industry and how to connect and network with the right people. He’s always patient and sticks with you and gives you encouragement even when you are struggling which is why I can happily recommend Mark if you are serious about getting into the industry.

Wasif M.
Laboratory Technician, Mining & Process Solutions

June 11, 2021

He is the BEST. just follow his suggestions and go accordingly. I recommend Mark for most of the international students who are struggling to look for work.

Pavan K.
Project Administrator / Graduate Engineer, ICF Construction Group

June 10, 2021

I am really grateful to Mark Healy for his continuous guidance and support throughout my job hunting process. Graduate Accelerator Program has helped me to find my dream job. So, I recommend everyone to join this program.

Sonia Baga
Graduate Civil Engineer / Land Development Projects / Minor Infrastructure Project Upgrades

May 23, 2021

Mark has got the experience on how to approach the people in the Industry. He provides multiple options about the sector and guides through it. Constant approach, consistency in finding new people, learn about the current demands in the market are the main highlights were I find Mark is a strong person. It’s been a pleasure working with Mark for a year.

Kenny Pandiyan
Electronics Engineer and Technician, Fujitsu Ten

May 20, 2021

Mark is a great mentor who has a deep understanding of Australian job market. I am happy that I found him. I worked along with him which helped me to secure a job in the industry. He changed my perspective on the approach on how to look for a job. I would highly recommend him.

Raghavendra Rangarajan
Graduate Civil Engineer | GradIEAust

May 18, 2021

Mark is a great Mentor and an optimistic person. I have got the chance to work closely with Mark, and he has influenced and guided me a lot to achieve a job within two months in the Australian IT Industry. I will strongly recommend Mark to the graduates and other people who are looking to secure a job in the Market. He is not recommending the typical job searching methods to any of his clients, and I can say that you should follow “Mark’s Method” to secure a job within a few months and secure your career.

Emmanuel Aladetimi
Estimator | Contract Administrator

May 13, 2021

Before meeting Mark, the only thing I used to be doing was applying online.After meeting him, I understood funding a job is not only that, it is approaching the right people at the right time. Slowly by slowly I started gaining the confidence, and was able to talk without a single fear. Thanks to Mark.

Shikha George
Embedded Software Development | Electronics Project Development

May 12, 2021

I have worked very closely with Mark when I was searching for a job and followed every single step told by him. I can say one thing that if you give in your 10%, Mark will give in 20. He has a lot of experience when it comes to work search in the Australian job market. I have only one recommendation for the students in his program that follow his steps and you will get a job in no time. Last, thank you Mark for your guidance it acted as a guiding light in a dark room.

Vincent Singh
Compliance and Quality Engineer at Roma Caravans

March 29, 2021

Mark is a great career coach who supports graduates looking to find work or change career. His well thought out approach to networking is tailored to help graduates ensure their first step into the competitive job market. He tailors this approach to match one’s skills and to build confidence to talk directly to employers. If you’re a graduate experiencing low mood while struggling to find job, Mark is your best bet to finding your niche. In his words ‘you can’t lack confidence when you lack experience’. Thanks Mark for being a great mentor.

Emmanuel Aladetimi
Estimator | Contract Administrator

March 28, 2021

Mark is an experienced graduate coach with a deep understanding of the Australian job market. He is knowledgeable, articulate and an outstanding mentor. Highly recommended!

Umar Khteeb
Umar Khteeb

March 26, 2021

Mark is an outstanding career coach. He has a great understanding of the job market and knows exactly how it works. I’m thankful to him for his guidance and support, and I would highly recommend Mark to any graduates looking out to secure a professional job.

Sabeen Zehra
Civil Engineer | Structural Engineer | Estimator | Project Coordinator | Site Engineer

March 26, 2021

As a graduate electrical engineer with no prior experience I was able to secure a position at a reputable engineering firm by following Mark’s methodology. Mark is very supportive mentor and coach and I recommend his service to anyone who is looking to enter into a profession with a competitive job market.

Luke Warnecke
Graduate Electrical Engineer

February 7, 2021

I met Mark while studying at RMIT and I wanted to secure work before graduating. Fortunately for me, I followed the steps and secured full time work for 2 years under a full time contract, which worked really well for me during COVID. I would highly recommend him for any one struggling to find the job. If any graduates need career advice and the pathway to land their dream job, please contact him. Thank you so much Mark, for your guidance and the motivation.

Vinnie Goel
Graduate Project Engineer, Hardings Hotmix Pty Ltd

February 17, 2021

A great Mentor!!!! Your methodology of reaching project managers has really helped in securing work and also dealing with project managers whilst on work. makes me confident to speak with senior supervisors. I would say Mark Healy is a “Great friend” and “teacher” for graduates in securing work. I can never forget your golden Words “STAY FOCUSED AND POSITIVE “

Omer Yousuf Meer
Electrical Site Engineer, ELECNOR

February 4, 2021

Mark is a professional career coach who has a good understanding of industries and the job markets. He helps the graduates to figure out what they want in their career. I admire him for all the support,motivation and guidance. I would highly recommend him for any one struggling to find the job. If any graduates need career advice and the pathway to land their dream job, please contact him. Thank you so much Mark, for your guidance and the motivation.

Ashmita Upadhyay
Graduate Electrical Engineer, GHD

October 16, 2020

Mark Healy is a great mentor who understands the engineering industry really very well and helps graduates struggling with job search. He also has a great understanding about people and motivates you to achieve things we have been chasing since day we arrived here. Mark guides you perfectly and if you keep your trust on him and follow what he says you will surely achieve what you are aiming. Mark always tries and understand people and helps them work on their weakness to overcome the issues they are facing. I would highly recommend Mark Healy if you are a graduate and looking for right guidance in journey of Job Search.

Drew Mehta
Graduate Civil Engineer Sub-division Works/ Land Development

October 5, 2020

Mark is a highly focussed, disciplined, hardworking, motivating coach who is quite innovative in helping graduates and experienced professionals with their job hunt or career advice. He understands the personality of his clients throughly and directs them accordingly for their job hunt.

Bella Garg
Senior Process Engineer, Upstream, Asset management, Clean energy projects

September 27, 2020

Mark was my graduate coach. I strongly believe he is one of a very few people who knows the continuously changing nature of Job markets. I will always be thankful for his valuable advice and directions.

Sugan raj Ravi
Graduate Railway Signalling Engineer at Integrated Rail Engineering Services, Pty. Ltd.

September 27, 2020

I highly recommend Mark especially for graduates like me, who don’t know much about the Australian job market. When I reached out Mark, he told me to identify the specific sector which I’m interested on and develop my skills. His methods really helped me to overcome my fears of talking to new people. Thank you very much Mark.

Chaitanya Chaganti
Draftsman at Austruck Bodies & Trailers

September 17, 2020

I was very thankful for approach Mark and get him to help me on my next step of my career. I got 2.5 years working experience but wanted to have a career change. Mark helped me building up my confidence gradually and he encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. He is not able to ‘’give you a job’’ but he know what is the most effective way to get one. I would recommend choosing Mark as a mentor. I was surprised how much I have transformed in my mind after a few months guidance from him. It is the mindset and the effective approach he’ll teach you to get to your destination.

Clark Huo
Structural Engineer at Turnbull Engineering

September 13, 2020

When you decide to settle in a country you have no idea about, it’s essential to get some sort of assistance not only for job hunting, for pretty much everything else too. That’s where Mark comes in, with his extensive experience in Engineering he can show you the way and what to do in order to land yourself a much needed job in Australia. I recommend Mark’s services for my every fellow engineers.

Sercan Çelenk
JMDR - JMD Railtech Group

August 29, 2020

Mark is an amazing coach and his helps and advises are really amazing and he doesn’t believe in spoon feeding. Thanks Mark for your help!

Sidney Anand
Graduate Civil/Structural Engineer/Portal frames/Modular Construction techniques

August 29, 2020

I joined Mark to gain knowledge and ways to get into the Industry. He constantly kept motivating me to kick start my career. He had more confidence in me and guided me to grow my connections with key persons in the industry. It was great working with Mark. He don’t hesitate to clear your doubts at any time.

Ashwin Raj
Graduate Engineer/ Estimator

August 28, 2020

I reached Mark after my graduation in order to get my foot into the industry. He was an excellent mentor and he understood me and my goals very well. He guided me to find right sector to start my career.He taught me several methods in order to crack the job market in Australia. I would highly recommend new grads looking to start their career to join his program.

Harrison Bangude
Cad designer / draftsperson at Sunliner RV

August 27, 2020

Mark has been an excellent and outstanding mentor. He provides the required guidance in a personally tailored approach with a professional mindset. If you are struggling, Mark is the one to go to. He focuses on polishing the students and delivers learning which is useful for future too. I would recommend him 10/10.

Anush Karki
Mechanical Engineering Graduate

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