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Project and Management Engineering Graduates

For those who have completed a Master of Engineering or project management, you still need to focus on entry-level roles in your degree. Graduates tend to talk about management roles without any practical work experience, and this is not possible, especially as a professional engineer, so working with me on the GAP program we get you focused and then we target people on our Databases to secure work well before its posted online therefore giving you a market advantage and also eliminating the issues of no work experience or PR etc because at this stage because the role is not advertised we bypass these issues. Simple and effective.

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We believe to be successful in any industry you must know exactly what you want to achieve from your career and associate with people who can help make it happen. Too much emphasis is placed on online applications, GPAs, resumes and cover letters. The truth is, by the time it’s online, it’s too late. If you take the time however to develop your professional relationships, work will follow, and it’s easy to do even for a graduate.

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