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Electrical and Electronic Engineering Graduates

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Graduates usually work in the same sectors as mechanical Graduates. Mining, Building Services, Building Audits, Manufacturing of food including conveying and packaging solutions, and automation or all these processes using PLC Scada etc. Typically the electronic engineerings will be working in rail signalling and robotics associated with the food and manufacturing industries.

All 46 sectors use Electrical and Electronic graduates, so once again if you know where you can work you do so much better not to mention targeting sectors that have a strong growth over the coming years.

The hardest areas to move into are Utilities and client-side roles, such as a miner, RIO TINTO for example or AGL, Tasmania Hydro or Water Utility companies these are no-fly zone for graduates with no prior experience, you can move there later but for now, you must get started and develop some basic skills

Most Electrical Engineers must target companies that small to medium sizes like all disciplines,  Power distribution should be avoided at first, and the reason is simple, Australia infrastructure is excellent and the power distribution is handled by larger companies and most of this work is done by more senior engineers and its maintenance type work.

Electronics graduates take on new job titles such as PLC Scada Engineer, or E&I engineer in mining, Automation engineer in FMCG, or Food manufacturing or Telecommunications engineer for Telstra or NBN, etc., and once again across these sectors, your skills vary considerably.

The base knowledge you gain in the first 3 -5 years will dictate where you work in your career.

So where you work really matters, contrary to what other people say.

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