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Graduate Accelerator Program (GAP)

Overview of the Coaching Program

The Graduate Accelerator Program (GAP) is a graduate coaching program aimed at giving you the skills you require to engage with the marketplace correctly, in a simple, safe and effective way that’s enjoyable. It’s easy to be become disheartened when applying online, but when you network correctly, finding work becomes far easier & more enjoyable.

The program consists of seven modules spanning up to 6 months and includes step by step videos, written materials and one on one coaching sessions. All materials can be accessed from any mobile, tablet or laptop, no matter where you are.

The Graduate coach has been assisting graduates to find work since 2012, and literally, thousands of graduates have been assisted. The way I coach is customised to the needs of the graduate, firstly you must understand what options you have, and then you must select the sectors that best suit your needs. We then have to go about preparing you to engage directly with people in the industry.

The GAP Program caters for the following engineering career disciplines:

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • BioMedical Engineer

  • Chemical Engineer

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Electronics (Rail Signalling, Robotics)

  • Telecommunications Engineer

  • Civil Engineer

  • Structural Engineer

  • Business Analyst & Change Manager

  • Project Management Graduate

  • Construction Management Graduate

Choose from 4 payment options:

  • Payment 1: $3,600 + GST

  • Payment 2: $1800 upfront then $900 every 3 weeks for 2 more payments + GST

  • Payment 3: $1800 upfront then $600 every 2 weeks for 3 more payments + GST

  • Payment 4:- $900 upfront then $900 every 3 weeks for 3 more payments + GST

Please note all payment options will have Australian GST (10%) tax added.

The following video provides an introduction to the program.
Please watch the following video to learn more about the methodology used in the program to secure work.

Key Features


Online individual coaching sessions are provided throughout the program.

Industry Specific

The course is customised to your specific engineering discipline.

All Materials Provided

All you need is a phone, computer and internet access.

Flexible Payment Options

We have a number of payment plans available.


The following diagram outlines the modules in the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Testimonials from Students

June 14, 2023

Joining the GAP program with Mark was a great decision for me. The one-to-one sessions with him were productive and motivating. I sincerely appreciate his support and guidance throughout the process. What I liked most about the program was Mark's understanding of the psychology of graduates and how they tend to think. He knew exactly what to say in each session, and his words made perfect sense. His follow-up techniques and timing were spot-on, and he helped me develop the right attitude towards job searching before we delved into finding specific opportunities. Overall, I had a great experience with Mark.
Ayush Prasad
Graduate Automation Engineer |PLV-Scada Exp
Ayush Prasad
April 10, 2023

Really helpful. Was looking for a job for about a year when I heard about mark. He helped me find the sector, locations and companies to secure an interview to get the job. Always motivated me no matter what. His tips and tricks to secure the interview and the job were great. Would recommend if you’re just starting your career and see applying jobs online aren’t working for you (they rarely do).
Ayush Prasad
Graduate Automation Engineer |PLV-Scada Exp
Tejas Anwekar
February 20, 2023

It was a pleasure to work with Mark. The GAP program is really well and Mark as a career coach is really excellent. Mark motivates you and guides you with all job applications.I would like to recommend Mark and his GAP program to fresh graduates who are seeking for work. Thank you Mark for tour guidance, it really helped me a lot in securing work.
Tejas Anwekar
Civil Graduate Engineer Land Development Projects| Infrastructure Projects

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About Us

We believe to be successful in any industry you must know exactly what you want to achieve from your career and associate with people who can help make it happen. Too much emphasis is placed on online applications, GPAs, resumes and cover letters. The truth is, by the time it’s online, it’s too late. If you take the time however to develop your professional relationships, work will follow, and it’s easy to do even for a graduate.

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