Bridging the gap between university and the workplace

At Graduate Coach, we provide support and career advice through our Graduate Accelerator Program (GAP). We have helped over 15,000+ students over the past 10 years to find and secure the job of their dreams.

Graduate Coach

Bridging the Gap between University and the Workplace

Graduate Coach is about providing support and career advice to young students graduating from the engineering, environmental science, IT graduation and business faculties in Melbourne. Our programs are tailored to help graduates identify their preferred industry segment based around their own personality types and strengths.

We also provide support for newly immigrating engineers wanting to find work. We specialise in marketing the person correctly and aligning their overseas experience with compatible companies here in Australia.

For the experienced engineer wanting to change market segments, it’s important to clearly identify what you offer a potential employer and how best to position yourself to gain a successful career change.

With any career change, confidence, a great attitude and absolute clarity of intention are critical for success. We aim to support you on an ongoing basis to achieve you career goals in all these areas through our workshops and one on one coaching designed to suit your individual needs.

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Graduate Accelerator Program (GAP)

A coaching program aimed at giving you the skills you require to engage with the marketplace correctly, in a simple, safe and effective way that’s enjoyable.

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September 14, 2021

Mark is a great mentor who has a deep knowledge and understanding of the Australian job market. He taught me to necessary skills and key points to get a job in the construction field. Whenever I was low, he motivated me and pushed me to get my desired job. Even after you get a job he tries to help you. If you are a recently graduating international student and struggling to find a job, I would 100 per cent recommend Mark Healy.

Kenil Jasani

Graduate Civil Engineer at Complex Co.

September 11, 2021

I highly recommend Mark Healy the graduate couch. I Am an international student and I had no idea how to get a professional job in Australia.

Mark and I had a few sessions for 8 months during which he guided and directed me in the right direction. I simply followed his instructions and methods and landed up a mechanical job in Brisbane.

Getting a job in Australia as an international student is not impossible as I thought. With a little determination and focus, Mark can really help us. Gratitude Mark Healy.

Jordon Reddy

Grad Mechanical engineer / FMCG/ Autocad/ Plant Layouts.

July 28, 2021

Mark is optimistic, positive and extremely professional, his approach is very practical. I was lucky to had Mark as my coach and mentor. I would highly recommend him for anyone struggling to find the job.

Manish Sharma

Electrical and Control System Engineer at Pyrocal Pty Ltd